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Thanks for visiting our site. As you may have ascertained by now, photofantasia is an original creative process. Because of this, we cannot really sell or market the exact images displayed here at photofantasia.com. Each photofantasia is a one-of-a-kind piece! What we can do is speak with you directly on the phone and through your ideas create a personal original photofantasia signed by the artists and dramatically mounted in archival multiple three-dimensional mat systems.

Another option is to purchase a license for a particular image (or images), and then use the image in your publication or for another use. For this strategy, we'd likely provide a CD or other electronic media, or perhaps a color transparency. For the black and white images that appear on this website, we'd provide either electronic media or a duplicate photographic negative.

The following form is for your convenience.  If you would rather e-mail or call, please refer to the contact data at the bottom of this page.  Thanks!

Please use the following electronic form to indicate what images you would like to license. You may also fill out, print (from a print-friendly page) and then submit this form by mail.


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What images (by name) would you like to license?
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You may also fill out, print (from a print-friendly page) and then submit this form by mail to: 

Photofantasia / P.O. Box 1515 / El Prado, NM / 87529 / USA

Or call with questions to: 303-903-9886 or 575-758-3670



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