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Welcome to the "Cool Links" Section of In this section several links of excellent quality and content will be noted for each category and area of interest within the web site. Certainly this list will not be at all inclusive; if you discover a great link please "Contact Us" and we'll add it to this list.


Virtual Tour of Tikal is a great site featuring QuickTime VR 360-degree views of the beautiful and powerful ruins of Tikal, Guatemala. This tour requires the QuickTime plug-in, available from the linked web site. (Most browsers already include this plug-in.)
"The Science Museum of Minnesota presents Maya Adventure, a World-Wide Web site that highlights science activities and information related to ancient and modern Maya culture. Maya Adventure includes images from the Science Museum's anthropological collections and activities developed by the Science Museum's education division. Featured in the project is information from two exhibits about the Maya developed by the Science Museum of Minnesota, Cenote of Sacrifice and Flowers, Saints and Toads."

The Native American Ruins of Mesoamerica site is described as below:

"Many cultures flourished in Mesoamerica before the arrival of the Europeans in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. . . . we will look in detail at the Maya ruins of Chichan Itza, and somewhat less in detail at Palenque and Uxmal; we shall then explore briefly the ruins of Teotihuacan and Monte Alban. Although the Europeans described the Americas as a "New World," clearly there were advanced civilizations here which dated back thousands of years before the arrival of the Spanish."

Maya Astronomy Page includes a description of the Mayan calendar (astronomically accurate and centuries ahead of the European versions). Also included here are extensive links to other Maya resources.
Where better to start the portraits links than with the great Benny Carter's own web site?
The media address of jazz certainly must be Downbeat Magazine!
I had originally experienced much difficulty in the search for a link that features Cynthia MacAdams, the brilliant black and white infrared photographer that so inspired me in the creation of many of the Maya photographs. At first I had (with some frustration) included a rather nebulous link to one of her images used in a graduate thesis. Recently, however, a Cynthia MacAdams web site has appeared! I encourage you to visit this link, as her recent portrait photography also is inspirational.
Hubble Space Telescope Images is subset of NASA's site (available as a link from Hubble's site); I wept when I first viewed the content of this site. The Hubble Space Telescope is simply the apex of human technological achievement, and its photographs are the most significant ever taken. The real-color photographs seen here are more "stylized" than the manipulated ones we are displaying on this web site. Nature is truly the most creative of all artists. If you visit no other link, go to Hubble now!
Sky and Telescope Online is the Internet home of Sky and Telescope Magazine. Here you can find information on just about anything concerning astronomy. is Willis' award-winning web site featuring his "straight" and somewhat technical astronomical photography.
Not perhaps the most graphically beautiful web site around, RockArtNet is certainly the most informative when it comes to rock art links. You'll never exhaust these resources. I went immediately to the Utah links and read all about the Barrier Canyon panels, some of which are depicted in photofantasia' gallery of North American Rock Art.
The Utah Rock Art Research Association is an organization "pledged and dedicated to the constant and unwavering protection and preservation of rock art and all vestiges of our priceless Native American cultural heritage: And to education to promote the preservation of these vestiges and our unspoiled wilderness environment for the benefit of all peoples -- past, present and future."
"Barrier Canyon Style rock art is the oldest pictography on the Colorado Plateau. The style is equated with the Archaic Culture. Within the Fremont culture region it is a distinct style. It is centered near the Green-Colorado confluence. The type locality is in Barrier Canyon, also known as Horseshoe Canyon." The Great Gallery images in the "North American Rock Art Gallery" of are of this type. This linked site (replete with photographs of a scientific nature) discusses the historical implications of this and other rock art locations.

"The Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance (SUWA) is the voice of one of America's most threatened landscapes -- the wild and unspoiled Colorado Plateau. Eighteen thousand concerned citizens from across the nation have joined SUWA's hard-hitting, grassroots commitment to save the magnificent canyon country of Southern Utah. The public land surrounding Utah's prized national parks is characterized by intricate canyons, arches, buttes, vast expanses of slickrock, red and salmon colored pinnacles, a variety of form and color unparalleled anywhere else on the planet . . . and immense solitude and silence. Southern Utah harbors nothing less than a landscape of magic -- a landscape that belongs to you and to all Americans."

I absolutely recommend that if you are concerned as to the disposition of this wonderful and inspiring land that you click on this site and join in. Together we can save the vast wilderness beauty of Southern Utah. It is the most important wilderness proposal to be considered by Congress in the last quarter-century. The land is deeply threatened by what I would consider to be greedy one-dimensional growth proposals. None of the Utah constituency is willing to cosponsor an appropriate bill, yet a large majority of United States' (and Utah's!) citizens back the SUWA-sponsored proposal.

Some of the finest western landscape photography can be seen at Moab, Utah photographer Tom Till's web site. Tom is a topflight color photographer of many western subjects, including rock art and Arches National Park. He has also published several books. is the Internet home of the exquisite watercolor art of Cheryl Price. Her other web site also features the artist's whimsical Purr-sonality Pet Pawtraits!





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