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Welcome to the "North American Rock Art Gallery " of Below you will find thumbnail image links to hand-painted black and white photographs of North American rock art portrayed in a very unique manner. Also note the incorporation of several black and white images into this gallery; displayed here both for comparison to the hand-painted versions and also hopefully for artistic composition and content.


These images were obtained through many years of exploration throughout the Southwestern canyon country of the United States. Many of the "ancient ones" who inhabited this region now speak to us only through their spectacular rock art. We have chosen just a few photographic examples of these rock art panels (sometimes the length of a football field!) for inclusion. There are literally thousands of these panels and markings throughout the west and actually throughout the world. What is shown here is our respectful interpretation of this outstanding legacy.


If you would like to view a larger image just click on the thumbnail; it will link to a separate page featuring only that original photofantasia creation, and often including a descriptive byline.







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