(After our experience at the superb "Dick Gibson Jazz Party" we were able to show the resultant photofantasia images at a downtown Denver club, "The Jazz Works." Soon the new manager called and asked if I might take some publicity shots of Red Rodney (originally Robert Chudnick). In the early 50's his bebop trumpet helped to popularize the mythical Charlie Parker (Bird) Band. Red dropped out of the scene for many years, but emerged again in the late 1970's. He put together a fantastic new bebop band and began to create what is generally thought to be his best work. I certainly couldn't argue that!

I was fortunate to leisurely take some black and white photos while attending a rehearsal for his Denver appearance. I was impressed by Red's energy and his pure joy displayed when creating music with his son. He even complimented me on some of the Gibson work which was hanging in the club. After the "shoot" Cheryl and I were able to create several photofanasia images, some of which were then purchased by the club manager before she quit and left with Red for New York City! He passed away sometime soon after that. I feel very fortunate to have experienced this extraordinary man before his death!)




original photofantasia






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