Welcome to photofantasia.com, the Internet home of the unique hand-painted photographic art of Willis Greiner and Cheryl Price. Starting with one of Willis' high-contrast black and white photographic images, Cheryl (using her skills developed through a quarter-century of watercolor artistry) creates a stunning color rendition.

Please browse the gallery links in the rock pile above (and repeated throughout this web site) to view photofantasia images of "North American Rock Art" from the Desert Southwest and "Mesoamerican Rock Art" from remote jungle areas of Central America. Take a tour through "Journey to Mesoamerica / In the Shadow of the Maya," a virtual fine art show featuring black and white photography, descriptive narratives and original photofantasia creations. View traditional "Landscapes and Portraits" from a completely different perspective. Visit the "Celestial Gallery" to experience Cheryl's hand-painted versions of Willis' astronomical images. Learn more about the artists, and explore other outstanding related sites and content from the "Cool Links" section of photofantasia.com. Please contact us if your interested in purchasing an original photofantasia.

Photofantasia is offering the "Moon Mist" poster as sampled below. Please click on the below left image to view a larger version and to learn details of the poster's creation. Please click on the below right image to enter photofantasia.com's "Celestial Gallery."

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We're very honored to be the June, 2001 featured artists on Barbara Tampieri's wonderful international(!) fine arts web site -- BTDesign Art Gallery. Her site features fine visual and graphic art, award-winning movie and music sites and the work of internationally acclaimed artist Giuseppe Tampieri. Click on the left icon to visit the BTDesign home page, and click on the right icon to visit our exhibit on her award-winning site.
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