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Welcome to's virtual fine art show "Journey to Mesoamerica / In the Shadow of the Maya." Below are image links to larger photographs and descriptive narratives; all of these were shown at an actual fine art show originally hung at the NCAR facility in Boulder, Colorado. Please feel free to move about through the show, just as you would an actual visual hanging show in a museum. The show is split into three galleries, much as a museum often separates a large show into several rooms. In order to display quality images the download time of these particular galleries is rather slow. Your patience is appreciated. To view additional Mesoamerican rock art please return to the "Mesoamerican Rock Art Gallery."

Because of the constraints of web page design some of these images aren't to scale; that is, in the actual show "Temple of the Gran Jaguar" (image 3) and "Holding On" (image 16) are rather small images, and "Riddle of the Glyphs" (image 18) is very large. Better perspective will be gained on the individual image page links.

All of these images (save the two "narrative" hyperlinks) are from black and white film. Some were imaged on Kodak T-Max, but many of the original images (some painted, some straight ahead) were recorded on Kodak High Speed Infrared film. This film often renders the scene mysterious, suggestive of a moonlit night. An example is the "Closing In" (image 5) below. I found that this treatment is especially effective with such extraordinary and enigmatic -- almost metaphysical -- subject matter.

Once arriving at the larger image or descriptive narrative more information (title, location of Mayan ruin, interesting travel and nature observations) is generally available. Please review the whole show below -- then feel free to link to the larger images by clicking the smaller ones. Enjoy!


Gallery One -- "Journey to Mesoamerica / In the Shadow of the Maya"


image 1


image 2


narrative a

image 3


image 4

image 5

image 6


image 7

image 8







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