(Classical Honduran ruin Copan is considered by many to be the zenith of Mayan civilization. Here Mayan astronomer-scientists and artists seemed to attain their highest level of brilliance and passion. The ruin's grounds (near Guatemala, but in Honduras) are "littered" with beautiful limestone stone sculptures (just "laying around" in the jungle!) depicting various imagery of turtles, snakes, monkeys, human skulls and a vast array of quasi-human figures. Also, it was here that the leaders began to honor those ruling before; women were also apparently first elevated to ruler stature at Copan. The Mayan writing so prevalent here and throughout Central America has been finally generally deciphered, without the convenience of a Mesoamerican Rosetta Stone. Copan is truly the Athens of the new world.)




s/n b&w photography - Copan, Honduras






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